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Our Offer

Our Offer

Feelgood Designs is a UK registered company supplying furniture and providing design services to improve spaces for children in education, retail, domestic and public settings.

The company was founded by Matthew Giaretta in 2008 after several years working with the PLAY+ design project in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  Matthew is a former UK primary school teacher and originally travelled to Italy to visit the world-renowned schools for young children at Reggio Emilia as part of his professional training. This visit led to a collaboration with the design project closely associated with the research on environments for children published as ‘Children, Spaces, Relations’ (Domus Academy, Reggio Children – 1998), and the creation of a company to distribute one outcome of this research project: the new PLAY+SOFT line of furniture for children. Feelgood Designs now work as part of PLAY+ Projects on a wide range of projects for children in education, domestic and public spaces.

We represent and distribute exceptional lines of furniture: PLAY+SOFT and PLAY+SOLID.

We work with schools, businesses, architects and designers on projects for children’s environments.

All furniture is made to order with a standard lead time of 30 days manufacturing + 7 days delivery (Europe),  or 4-6 weeks delivery (rest of world).